Australasian HRSG Users' Group (AHUG)
Australasian HRSG Users' Group (AHUG)
In Association WithAustralasian HRSG Users' Group (AHUG)
International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam(IAPWS) provides Technical Guidance Documents (TGD) for all aspects of combined cycle / HRSG plant cycle chemistry control. The TGD are freely downloadable from the IAPWS website.
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Proper and informed design, construction, operation and maintenance are mandatory if the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is to provide dependable and cost effective service.
The Australasian Users' Group (AHUG) provides a forum where owners, operators, manufacturers, service providers, consultants and others with an interest in the HRSG and associated plant processes and equipment meet to learn from others while sharing their own knowledge and experiences. All interested parties are welcome.
AHUG events feature a combination of prepared technical presentations and facilitated interactive discussions. Discussion sessions include any technical issues of interest to attendees. All attendees are invited to raise specific technical problems with the steam systems in their plant, and then participate in the discussions as other attendees join in to share their experiences and debate solutions.
Exhibition and Sponsorship: Space is available for exhibits associated with all aspects of HRSGs. Also available are AHUG 2018 sponsorship opportunities.
AHUG 2018:
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • 13 - 14 November: Australasian HRSG Users' Group Conference
  • 15 November: Workshop subjects to be determined and announced later.
Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre, Australia
AHUG 2018 Steering Committee:
Chairman:Barry Dooley, Chair, Structural Integrity Associates
David Addison, Thermal Chemistry
Bob Anderson, Competitive Power Resources
John Blake, Stanwell Corporation
Hayden Henderson, Petrofac
Rachelle Meijer, Contact Energy
Keith Newman, Synergy
Matthew Sands, Stanwell Corporation
Organized by:
Mecca Concepts Pty Ltd
For further information contact: Rachel on +61 412 996 711
Links:Combined Cycle
For information on the Australasian HRSG Users Group contact Bob Anderson or Barry Dooley using the form above.